Christmas Celebration at Intuz: A Day Filled with Happiness and Love

Published 15 Nov 2021Updated 25 Apr 2023

“Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one-horse open sleigh.”

Christmas is one of the world’s most awaited festivals. The places are decorated around, Gifts are exchanged, meeting our dearer ones and sharing the boundless love, happiness, and fun.

Intuzians are equally excited to celebrate it with more exciting Christmas festivities loaded with fun and real joy. The special part is this time Intuzians have come up with more warm and love-filled idea of celebrating this festive season.

Intuz has grown with the talent it has received from society. So, say it the Corporate Social Responsibility or say it the love and care Intuzians wish to revert with, back to society while adding loads of laughter and fun.

Inspiration to Intuzians

Navrachit Slum School is a non-profit organization serving free education to the slum children for their basic education needs. In the initial days of this school, it was being run in an open ground and now, grown to an adequate size of the infrastructure.

As Intuz has grown in years, it simultaneously noticed how the Navrachit Slum School has grown in its neighbourhood. We at Intuz know that how much efforts, struggle and dedication this school took to reach here and so do they have that soft corner for this organization. Having that feeling of connectivity, that oneness, Intuzians have decided to celebrate this Christmas with Navrachit Slum School.

The Initiative

For this, Intuz has taken the initiative and Intuzians have contributed their time, energy and money for good cause by following “Ceiling on desire”. Intuzians have given up a share of money spent on their luxury or own needs and contributed that to the needs of the slum school children.

With that money, Intuzians have bought and distributed the sweaters for the kids out there. The purpose was to keep them at a good state of health this winter and coming ones, motivate them to co-operate with the school in achieving its objective as well as leveraging its efforts to rise up themselves.

There was Christmas decoration and Intuz Santa, who brought so much fun, love and smiles to the kids. Kids enjoyed the company of the Santa and presence of all Intuzians with cake cutting, music, snacks and chocolate distribution along with the fun activities for the kids.

This experience for Intuzians was so overwhelming. The emotions rolled out and the feeling was so gratifying, so serene!

Christmas Event

Celebration Continued

The celebration was not over here. It continued in the workplace as well. The office was all decorated gracefully, giving the feel of celebration all day long and even after. Santa arrived and all the Intuzians had a fun time with him and of course, no celebration is complete without satisfying the sweet tooth. Not even this, the Santa also brought surprise gift hampers for the kids of families of Intuzians that was the icing on the cake.


The Celebration was full of fun, sharing, caring, and giving. It spread out loads of love within the Intuz family and even sprinkled it out to its surroundings. Intuz family is looking forward to a lot many such events and celebrations soon in coming days.

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